PASSENGER TRANSPORT MARIĆ jis a craftsman with many years of experience in the transportation of passengers with the basic activity of bus transportation of passengers in domestic and international road traffic.

The craft was founded by his current owner, Vinko Marić in 1991.. Ever since then, it has developed into a successful carrier that meets the European standards with its quality of passenger transport services.

Because of our constant improvement of the quality of transport and passenger relations, we meet the desires and the most demanding users on long and distant journeys such asNorway, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Malta, Ireland, England, Turkey, Greece and others. What brought us to this is our professionalism, knowledge, experience and courtesy of our staff and fleet equipped with NEOPLAN brand buses with state-of-the-art equipment that provide high safety and comfort.

In addition to high standard tourist buses, craftsmanship is has a business building - a large parked car park, staffed professional driver and staff to maintain vehicle technical accuracy.

We have successfully cooperated with many tourist agencies, kindergartens, schools, faculties, entrepreneurs, associations and others with proven quality in providing passenger transport services.

Our drivers are very welcoming and polite and will give you the maximum to make your trip comfortable.

We develop our business, we expand our market, and above all we believe in our satisfied customers.

For your satisfaction we are at your disposal 0-24 hour.